Monday, July 14, 2008

Brain Facts Blog

Hi, Everybody,

First, many apologize for not sending you a Brain Facts Ezine in June. A combination of jet lag after returning from the UK and a touch of pneumonia all conspired in the delay. (The holiday was great by the way). But things are getting back to normal and the next issue should arrive this week. We are hoping to resume sending the ezine twice a month in July - but no promises.

Thanks to everyone who sent change of address notices to me - a great help!


BPLG is starting an affiliate programme and invite you to become an


The way this will work is very simple, if you, as an Ezine subscriber, recommends the Ezine to a friend or colleague and that person signs up and verifies their subscription BPLG will give you a FREE 20 minute consultation with David Halstead, "The Brain Guy".
You won't even have to pay long distance phone charges, we are using Skype for these calls. Its working very well and since the calls are made using your computer and speakers its all free. Even the Skype download is free.

And there's even more - if you have purchased one of our books and a friend or colleague buys a book on your recommendation BPLG will send you a cheque for 30% of the purchase price of the book. The same offer applies if your school or school district places a bulk order for one of our books on your recommendation. BPLG will send you a cheque for 30% of the total purchase price!

(Please note:- Bulk orders start at 10+ copies.) Contact for more details.

Till the next post,
Peggy Halstead,
Brain Power Learning Group